Use Email Retargeting to Boost Sales

Cedric Jackson

Feb 18 2019

When it comes to viable SEO strategies, you want to become intimately familiar with email retargeting. When utilized correctly, retargeting emails is an excellent way to boost your sales. You should take advantage of this opportunity if your company is part of a highly competitive industry. It will help you push ahead of your competitors with a powerful retargeting strategy.

What is email retargeting?

In layman’s terms, email retargeting is a powerful marketing strategy. It allows you to reach out to visitors who came to your website to learn about your product or service but were not converted to paying customers.

For example, someone visits your site, looks around, and puts an item in the cart. However, that individual leaves without completing the transaction. By using this retargeting strategy, you reach out via email with the goal of encouraging that person to return to your website and purchase the product or service left behind.

Another example is someone who comes to your website as a past customer. While not yet “loyal,” you can use retargeting emails to remind the individual that your company values his or her business. It comes down to making people feel worthy through gentle yet strategic emails.

Remember, some people add things to carts or spend a significant amount of time browsing with the intention of buying. However, for some reason, they become distracted and leave without finishing the process. Then there are other people who visit sites as a way of making comparisons between what one company offers to another. Either way, email retargeting helps open communication and helps convert visitors into loyal customers.

How to retarget website visitors

A study published by Moz shows that the average time between a person visiting your site the first time and making the first purchase is roughly 34 hours. For email retargeting best practices, this is the timeframe you need to focus on to maximize your sales. With the follow-up schedule below, you can optimize the potential for conversions and sales.

First email

Immediately after someone places an item in the cart but leaves without buying, send an email inquiring as to whether that person experienced some kind of technical glitch while shopping on your site. As part of this retargeting strategy, you should offer technical support to help the visitor complete the transaction.

Second email

Send a second follow-up email to your potential customer within 23 hours of the first. Reassure that individual that you operate a reputable business and sell premium products or services. To support your claim, you can offer high-definition images, quick links, or customer reviews. Make sure you reference your original message to help clarify this follow-up email.

Third email

At exactly six days and 23 hours later and with confirmation that your target received your emails but still made no purchase, you want to send the third follow-up. In this case, offer a compelling incentive in exchange for finalizing the deal. This can be a free trial period, free shipping, or a discount.

To stay on track with sending this and the other two messages, you can always utilize an excellent email retargeting software program. That way, you do not need to worry about hitting hard days and times. Instead, the software does the work for you.

Although you can select from multiple programs, two, in particular, deserve your consideration.

  • Constant Contact – Constant Contact makes for an outstanding choice with a 97 percent email campaign delivery rate. This email retargeting software gives you the confidence needed that people receive your follow-up messages on schedule.
  • ActiveCampaign – For retargeting emails, this is another excellent option. For a nominal fee, this software offers a host of features that make email retargeting easy, including drag and drop, reporting, superior deliverability, and even flexible email templates.

Using email retargeting to boost sales

For increasing your sales and the number of loyal customers, retargeting messages work extremely well for customers who have already shown interest in your product or service. That means you have massive potential by using follow-up emails.

For example, Busted Tees reached a 390 percent return on investment on a retargeting campaign, according to ConversionXL. The company accomplished that by showing ads to recent shoppers along with a message encouraging them to buy from the company again.

Email retargeting best practices

As long as you understand and follow the best practices for this particular marketing strategy, you will achieve fantastic results.

  • Creativity – When it comes to creativity, never feel nervous about stepping outside of the box. At the same time, design your emails to coordinate with the potential customers that you want to reach and to achieve the intended result.
  • Focus – Reach out to visitors who are either active or interactive with your emails. Don’t forget about offering an incentive.
  • Response – Your first email follow-up is by far the most critical. With that, you can grab a visitor’s attention who still has shopping in mind. However, the other two follow-up emails are also tremendously valuable.
  • Campaign size – Another response to the question regarding “how to retarget website visitors.” Instead of going all out with a massive campaign, you can focus on a smaller one. That way, you can segment your marketing efforts based on the actions and interest of each visitor.
  • Automation – Rather than spend a lot of your time and effort trying to stay on top of follow-up messages rely on state-of-the-art email automation software.

Jump ahead of the competition

Perhaps BMI Elite puts it best: “email retargeting helps you reach more customers via a multichannel approach that transcends their inbox.” With the right message and by adhering to the follow-up schedule provided, you can easily make four times the normal revenue. Using email retargeting best practices works by reminding customers with a past interest in your product or service to revisit your site and take advantage of your incredible deals.

With other companies vying for the same customers, you need a marketing strategy that gives you an edge. Email retargeting opens doors of opportunity that you would otherwise miss. Take charge of your business growth and success today.

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