Where to Find Great Free Email Marketing Templates

Wess Derryl

Nov 09 2017

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Email marketing is still the best way to reach out to those on your mailing list and to turn potential customers into regular customers. No matter what trends arise, email marketing will continue to remain the primary means of marketing with the widest reach, because emails are used by everyone who is on the internet. All businesses today know the importance of maintaining a good relationship with their customers and keeping in touch with them constantly with the help of newsletters.

Whether updated customers about new services, offers on existing products, or new products, every business should have a newsletter with lots of subscribers. However, giving your newsletter the perfect look can be a little tricky, especially if you are new to the field and are burdened with the many challenges of the business world. You’ll be glad to know that there are many free email marketing template services that will help you get started on the right foot in no time.

Best Email Marketing Templates

Every business and organization has its own design requirements, and they always want their newsletter to reflect their overall image. There are free email marketing template services that offer you a wide range of templates – from static templates, editable via drag-and-drop, or customizable ones that can be altered with code. But there is something for everyone. Here are the best of the free email marketing templates you can find on the internet today.

1. Benchmark

Benchmark is a great email marketing service that offers a free plan. With this plan, you get hundreds of professionally-designed email templates, that can be edited with the drag-and-drop editor. The templates are divided into dozens of categories, including newsletters, products and promotion, seasonal, real estate, and much more. The templates are modern looking and will spruce up any email you plan to send to clients, employees, or promising leads.

2. Constant Contact

With Constant Contact’s free account you get to take advantage of its beautiful email templates. It offers dozens of templates, and you can explore the many categories, such as basic email templates, Thank You templates, Sales templates, HTML-based templates, and more. Constant Contact also uses drag-and-drop technology so you can create a great looking email quickly and easily. You can customize basically everything, from fonts to colors to images, and Constant Contact offers free stock photos you can choose from as well.

3. 99 Designs

99 Designs is another good free email marketing template provider. Contrary to what the name suggests, they offer 3 types of free email marketing templates: email notification template, newsletter template, and promotional template. All of these come in different colors and are decent options for you to consider. The templates can be personalized with the editor.

4. Litmus

Litmus gives you 7 wonderful free email marketing templates. These are really attractive and neat and work with all email providers. You can be sure of that, as all the templates are tested in different clients like Outlook, Gmail, etc. Since you have access to the PSD source files for the templates, you can customize them any way you desire.

5. Antwort

If you want a responsive email marketing template and don’t mind doing a substantial amount of coding, Antwort might just be the free email marketing template service for you. With Antwort, all you get is a template base. After that, everything is up to you to create as you wish. The best part about using Antwort is that all its templates are designed to fit the screen of the device any user uses to access their email.

The worst thing to happen to any business or organization is that their template proves ineffective and a failure because it does not appear the same on all devices. All your hard work can be reduced to nothing if this happens since a user will never even see what you’ve sent them. But not with Antwort, since all their templates fit the width of a device’s screen. Although there is a great deal of CSS and HTML knowhow involved in using Antwort successfully, it is worth the effort, and you can even find guides on the website to help you out.

The Bottom Line

Email marketing is definitely something every business and organization should invest in – and rightly so. While it is important to have a mailing list and use email marketing, it’s just as important that you use it effectively so that you fulfill the purpose of email marketing. Getting that done right means finding a good email template. It can be a little intimidating in the beginning to come up with a beautiful, unique, and crisp design for your email marketing. However, get some help with free email marketing templates to get a head-start and go about your business quicker and in a more efficient manner. If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing tools, then you’ll definitely want to check out our reviews of the best options on the market!

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