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Melissa Till

Mar 08 2018

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In today’s age of multi-level marketing, amongst social media (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram) and advertisements, studies still show that the most effective form of marketing is through email marketing. After all, there are so many email services out there. But first, of course, you have to get subscribers to add to your mailing list. But how exactly to do this? The following tips will guide you to acquiring as many subscribers as possible. What are you waiting for? Here we go!

Top Tips to Get E-mail Subscribers

1. Give Big!

Offer eBooks, marketing tips, free pointers, weekly/monthly newsletters.


  • If your service is health and nutrition, offer a free exercise guide.
  • If your service is catering, offer free recipe eBook.
  • If your service is relationship counseling, offer a free dating newsletter.
  • If your service is beauty, offer weekly beauty tips.

2. Embed A Data Capture Form

When you insert a link, you are encouraging the reader to click away from the main site. They will then click through certain steps to add and then confirm information. Multiple steps decrease the chances of brand new sign-ups. There are many distractions online, and the more clicks someone has to go through in order to achieve something, the more opportunity there is for someone to find interest in something else. Instead, make things as simple and easy as possible and place the data capture form right on your homepage whether it is in a footer, sidebar or header.

3. Run A Contest, Giveaway, Or Sweepstakes

Run a fun, interesting contest, give away something special or worth value, or let people enter a contest. Of course, they have to sign up with their details in order to enter.

4. Keep The Signup Process Really Short

Don’t ask too many questions when attempting to acquire somebody’s email. Just asking for an email address and first name can be enough; you can ask for other details later. People sign up for so many things that they often feel comfortable when asked to simply fill in their names and email addresses. The minute you ask for more private information, such as phone numbers, potential customers can be quickly turned off, since they might not feel comfortable giving more personal information without there having been a relationship of trust built up yet.

5. Add A Newsletter Signup Option To The Comment Box

Many of the “comment” sections that you will see require that in order to comment, users need to enter their email address. In addition to inputting their email, you can also put a “signup for our newsletter” checkbox alongside it! This article offers some hints about creating the perfect newsletter.

6. Consider Where You Place The Signup Form

There are a few places you can test to see where you get the most sign-ups. These can be the:

  • Pop-up box
  • Top header
  • Footer
  • Top of the sidebar
  • After a post

7. Affiliate Advertising

This needn’t be a complicated process. You can set it up so that you will pay an affiliate a set amount for every time someone signs up for your newsletter on their website – this will be in the form of an ad.

The important thing to remember is that you need to pay the affiliate less than the value of a new subscriber. In order for this to happen, you need to have an understanding of your usual cost per lead (how much money an advertiser pays for every brand-new lead brought in by an advertisement) as well as the value of a new lead for your business.

8. Give an E-mail Educational Course in Multi-Part Form

People expect things when they sign up for a newsletter, and enticing visitors to sign up for your newsletter by promoting an email course is a great way to go. It can be something like “Learn How To Code in Just 5 Days,” with a new lesson sent to subscribers each consecutive day.

9. Let Them Take A Peek!

Let people take a tiny bite of your offering, and they’re going to want to eat the whole thing! If you give a little bit of a resource for free, promising more when the user actually signs up, they will be enticed to do so.

An example of this would be:

“Using Facebook to Market Your Business.” At the bottom, it could have something like “Learn How To Market Your Business With All Social Media Tools. Download our guide to brilliantly market your business using our Total Social Media Marketing Guide!

10. Subscriber-Only Benefits

Remind visitors to your site that newsletter subscribers get exclusive benefits such as free eBooks and other valuable information.

11. Include Signup Options to Your Social Media Accounts

With so many people on Facebook, it’s really easy to add a newsletter signup option to your Facebook page. Facebook actually offers numerous third-party apps where you are able to add custom tab options such as an email signup. You may also want to consider adding a newsletter signup link, if you can, in your social media’s “About” section in addition to your regular website link.

12. Offer Things on Facebook That Require Email Signups

Place an email signup that requires users to be a part of your newsletter subscription list before obtaining offers. From there, promote the offer on Facebook. As long as it’s valuable, people will give over their email address.

13. Host Webinars

By hosting a webinar, you show that you are a professional in your field. Use your webinar signup form to capture as many email addresses as possible so you can remind people to access your webinar.

14. Insert Your Newsletter Signup After Your Blog Posts

If you’ve written a really good blog post – and let’s hope all your blog posts are really good – place your newsletter signup at the bottom. This way you’ll also encourage signups by those who really enjoy reading your work.

15. Remember The Power of The Word “Free”

People love the word “free.” Even if they don’t need it, often they will want it just because it’s free.

16. Name Your Newsletter

Give your newsletter a fun name that people will look forward to; something fun is sure to stick in people’s memories. Consider names like:

  • SocialSavvy
  • Chef’sTable
  • MakeupMode
  • WirelessGuru

Final Word

Remember that you won’t always hit the nail on the head the first time around, and you will have to test different methods until you get it right. Have fun with this to see what works best for you!

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