Tips for Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

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Who doesn’t enjoy receiving greetings during the holiday season? When presented correctly, the messages in your holiday email marketing plan come across as personal. As a result, the targeted audience is more likely to open and read them. Instead of sending a holiday email message that yields few results, learn how to create a compelling campaign that prompts both existing and prospective customers to act.

What to consider before launching your holiday email marketing campaign

Research your competitors

The last thing you want to do is send out a message as part of your holiday email marketing strategy that resembles one used by your competitors. Therefore, invest some time researching what other companies are doing.

Holiday email marketing examples

If your marketing experts need a little inspiration, have them look at various examples available online. Of course, it’s essential to select those that support your specific industry and brand. However, with hundreds of options, this will help start the development process. In fact, if you have limited time or few internal resources, you might consider using quality holiday email templates. Benchmark has a selection of customizable templates that can be used to create great holiday emails

Holiday email subject lines

The words you use in the subject line of your holiday emails play a significant role in whether people take the time to read the message. Did you know adding a subscriber’s first name in the subject line increases the probability of opening the email by 26 percent? Personalizing the subject line is critical.


People open roughly 53 percent of all emails on a mobile device. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your holiday email marketing campaign works on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Otherwise, you would miss a huge opportunity to reach your target audience.


According to DMA, email has the highest conversion rate at 66 percent for purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message. This is compared to other strategies, such as direct mail, social media, and so on. However, to achieve that level of success, it’s vital to create engaging content. You want to draw readers in by creating emails for your holiday email marketing campaign that come off as authoritative, personal, knowledgeable, and genuine. Not only that, but subscribers are three times more likely to share email content using different social media platforms than other sources. Along with reaching your target audience, there’s an excellent chance of your content being shared with others. SendinBlue has great reporting, so you can easily analyze the performance of your campaign.

Delivery success

When developing a holiday email campaign, there isn’t enough time left to correct mistakes. For that reason, you need the assurance that your emails arrive, giving people the opportunity to read them and then purchase your product or service. An excellent way to do that is by using one of the best email marketing services. For example, Constant Contact offers a 60-day free trial period and has a 97 percent email marketing campaign delivery rate.

Learn from other holidays

Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, you can tap into resources that show how companies have increased conversions and then apply that to your Christmas email campaigns.


How to make sure your holiday email campaign is a success

Holiday email campaigns drive sales, making them critical. Email marketing plays a crucial role in lead generation and customer acquisition throughout the year. It accounts for approximately 20 percent of sales during the holiday season. Along with the information already mentioned, consider the following factors when designing and developing your strategy.

Start early

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, now is the time to start putting your campaign together. Instead of rushing, which prevents you from focusing on the small details that matter, you have time to create a masterpiece that generates leads and closes deals.

Know your target

While that might sound like a given, it’s worth emphasizing. Marketing to the wrong people is a waste of time, money, and resources. Therefore, create a segmented list for your holiday email marketing campaign that consists of current and potential customers with a genuine interest in the product or service you offer. Segmenting your list is easy with an email marketing platform in place, such as Pinpointe.

Holiday themes

Just as you might do to your website, change the theme and color of your emails to reflect the season. Visually, this makes the emails more pleasing, which encourages people to open them.

Include a holiday guide

Make shopping easy by including a guide in your Christmas email campaigns. By showcasing products or services of interest, people can home in on what they want. For instance, your guide can sort gifts by men versus women, price range, age, interests, and so on. During the holidays, people have extremely busy schedules. Giving your target audience a way to save time is an excellent way to earn their respect and trust.

Exclusive offers

For your current list of customers, send a message early in your holiday email marketing campaign that gives them access to an exclusive offer. In addition to the special deal you provide, some of your customers will take advantage of other items sold on your website, even those that are not on sale. Remember, you can do this several times leading up to Christmas. Building a relationship with your subscribers during the holidays will spill over to the rest of the year.

Time limits

As part of your holiday email marketing strategy, create a sense of urgency without making people feel stressed. The goal is to encourage subscribers and prospects to visit your website for a limited-time holiday offer. Remember, you can rely on a marketing services product like Active Campaign for as little as $9 a month to help with this. Everyone loves deals, and if they believe they must act quickly, they will.

Call to action

A successful holiday email marketing campaign has not only a personalized subject line but also a powerful call to action. After reading the message in the email, this is the last thing subscribers see. Therefore, it needs to compel them to take the next step.


When developing your holiday email marketing campaign, whether for people who open emails via a computer or mobile device, be sure to optimize both the content and the images. You want to use keywords in the body of the email. These should be terms that people use when searching. It’s also good to include images that look incredible and load quickly.

Start your holiday email campaign today!

For this holiday season, you can find the most effective and reliable email marketing services by browsing our recommended email marketing platforms. We compiled a list of top-ranking services to save you valuable time and help you make this year’s holiday email marketing campaign a success.

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