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flag Use tags to manage contact relationships
  • Customize content for each prospect using Drip JS

  • Send personalized emails with workflow triggers

  • Add custom data collection with no limitations

  • Send conditional messages with Liquid Templating

Pros & Cons

  • Inviting and easy to follow user interface
  • Drip JS lets you customize and show custom CTAs on your website
  • Google Analytics integration lets you auto-fill campaign variables to avoid errors
  • Value associated conversion tracking
  • Highly customizable email templates with the ability to upload or paste your own source code
  • A bit higher in price for an email marketing platform
  • Limited choice of email templates to choose from
  • No live chat or phone support

Plans & Pricing

Drip has a good selection of packages and offers a 14-day trial so you can take it for a test drive. Prices are great for the value and affordable for most eCommerce retailers, including other businesses. Drip packs a punch that makes it worth every penny. There are three packages in total that can be billed monthly or annually. Packages auto upgrade to the next best thing when you reach your limit so that you never have to worry about missing opportunities.



Drip is the first eCommerce CRM to exist. Rob Walling founded the company on December 1, 2013, with the mission to increase sales for retail businesses. Drip is helping companies do that by offering an effective way to build and foster relationships with their customers at scale via intelligent email marketing.


  • "Price"
    8 /10
  • "Features"
    9 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    10 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    8 /10

Features and Functionality

Drip is a powerhouse when it comes to functionality and features. It simplifies processes with its clean and modern design while enabling effective marketing with robust reporting tools.

The software has everything that you would want and need in an email marketing software. It can help you collect and opt-in subscribers, as well as send, create and manage email campaigns. It also includes a lot of useful third-party integrations to power growth and streamlines your work.

While these are all great to have, the following noteworthy features are what make Drip a heavyweight contender!


The tag feature is fantastic for avoiding duplicate contacts, sending messages to specific groups within your email list, and maintaining the profile of a person. Drip takes tags a lot further with events, which lets you collect circumstantial details or context about your lead acquisition such as purchase, date, time, and product price among others.

Drip JS

Drip features a JavaScript library that you can include on your website to utilize their opt-in form widget. However, Drip JS does much more than collect lead information from your site.

Every link you include in an email campaign gets a unique tracking code specifically to identify who clicks on your URLs, when and which pages they visited. This information helps you further customize your messaging and landing pages or the entire user experience for a particular subscriber.

You can trigger customized page-level call-to-actions (CTAs) based on the user’s history or send them to a different web page altogether.

Visual automation workflows

The typical email workflow is programmed to send an email, wait the specified time/days, sends another email and then repeats a similar cycle throughout. Drip’s visual workflow is way more powerful.

You can send emails whenever certain outcomes become true (i.e. if-this-then-that) and skip prospects or lead based on historical data. This is made possible because of Drip’s ability to process sophisticated logic. It can trigger actions based on delays (i.e. wait 1 week) or monetary outcomes (i.e. when X item is purchased).

This feature becomes especially useful when Drip is integrated with other services like Zapier, which allows you to integrate virtually all your business apps.

Custom form fields

With other similar software, you’re limited to pre-set options by default when it comes to ‘form fields’. You may want additional information that isn’t part of the default choices and this is where custom fields come in.

Drip lets you create completely customized fields where data can be stored. Best of all, they don’t populate as empty content boxes because you can specify all the variables involved. Most email marketing or CRM software doesn’t offer this feature.

Liquid templating

Imagine you wanted all your existing customers to receive additional messaging (i.e. an extra paragraph) and everyone else to get the standard email. How do you usually do it?

In most cases, you’ll have to write separate emails and configure extra logic to accomplish this fit with other tools, which is quite a bit of work.

Drip has a feature that eliminates the usual hassles by way of conditional blocks. That means everyone who is already a customer would simply get the extra or fresh content appended to his or her emails upon sending. No need to create additional emails anymore.


There are 6 pre-designed email templates that you can use as a starting point for your email design. This isn’t much but Drip makes up for it with its visual drag-and-drop email builder. Available templates include product sales, abandoned cart, announcement, follow-ups, education, and storytelling. All pre-designed emails are clean, modern, and fully customizable.

Ease of Use

This is perhaps the most simple, yet effective email marketing software on the planet! It’s aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly with amazing support tools. However, you can dive into their learning center, blog, or FAQ pages if you ever feel lost. Plus their support team responds fairly quickly if none of that works.

Customer support

Drip offers customer support via its vast knowledge base and email. You can send a message to the team right from your dashboard or any other page you visit. Their FAQ section is great and learning library is complete, jam-packed with neatly organized video tutorials.

  • Email
    Send an email to Drip from anywhere on their site.
  • Video Tutorials
    Access video tutorials from their learning hub.
  • FAQ
    A complete FAQ page where you can learn about Drip services such as branding, billing etc.
  • Blog
    Good collection of case studies and real-world implementation examples for Drip.

Final Word

Drip adds tremendous value to email marketing by providing a robust and effective means of reaching consumers at the right time. Though originally built for eCommerce, it has many useful features to offer companies of all sizes and industry that want to nurture, retain and grow their customer base.

Drip requires a slightly higher investment compared to other CRM platforms in its class but makes up for it with massive value. On top of being able to do everything else that you would expect from a CRM, Drip also provides unique features like visual automation workflow, liquid templating and unlimited customer form fields.

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