SendinBlue Review

flag Easily create, send & analyze email campaigns
  • Simple & powerful marketing automations

  • Unlimited number of contacts at no extra cost

  • Convert more with intelligent emails

  • Professional templates

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to navigate
  • Free option
  • Real-time analytic reports
  • No credit card commitment
  • Reliable customer support
  • Chat and phone support are available on Premium plan
  • Landing page available on Premium plan
  • Basic templates

Plans & Pricing

SendinBlue offers an array of package options. Their prices are very affordable when compared to the competition. The range of packages offer great value and suit most businesses needs and budgets. There are  3 different packages offered. The packages are as follows:


The free package includes 300 emails per day as well as unlimited contacts, Chat, Shared Inbox, CRM, and marketing automation for up to 2000 contacts.


This costs $25 per month for new marketers and includes up to 100,000 emails per month, unlimited contacts, as well as no daily sending limit.


This starts at $65 per month and is the best solution for marketing experts. Prices go up according to the number of emails per month, starting at 120,000. (20,000 up to 1,000,000 emails. It includes unlimited contacts, no daily sending limit, no Sendinblue logo, advanced statistics, landing pages, and no limit for marketing automation.

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SendinBlue is an email marketing and marketing automation software created in 2012 to serve small and medium-sized businesses. It helps people efficiently manage email campaigns, send text messages, and save time with marketing automation – all on an affordable budget. SendinBlue offers cloud-based digital marketing tools globally to 175,000+ companies.


  • "Price"
    9 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    7 /10

Features and Functionality

Social sharing

SendinBlue allows you to easily engage with your followers on many social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Campaigns can be shared with a simple click of a button. SendinBlue will give you a short link that you can use to connect to other social media channels. Additional value starts with a free plan with Chat, CRM & Shared Inbox being available

In-depth campaign reports

Analysis is key when monitoring the success of your email campaigns. SendinBlue offers highly detailed campaign reports that analyze the results of all your email marketing and SMS campaigns. Everything is displayed on your dashboard, making measuring analytics easy.

Inbox testing

SendinBlue lets you add your test list and send a test email before actually sending it to contacts in the list. This way you can quickly find out if there are any issues with the email you plan to send.

Responsive email design

With SendinBlue you are promised visually pleasing campaigns that are designed to be responsive on any device. It’s easy to design and create a message just by dragging the design elements from the menu and dropping them where you please in the message. If you don’t want to create a campaign from scratch, all you need do is choose a template to help you along the way. In addition to this, on the Premium plan you can create custom landing pages

HTML editor

This is for all you coders out there or people who have who have experience with HTML and CSS. The HTML editor can be used for simply copying and pasting the HTML code from a custom template designed by your agency or web developer. The WYSIWYG interface helps users quickly craft their email messages.


With SendinBlue’s tools, you can create personalized emails. This helps form a deeper connection to your email recipients who will recognize that you took out the time to pay attention to certain personal details. You can insert a contact field into the body of your emails, whether it be a name, title or order date. This way, everything will be personalized automatically.

Trigger marketing

With SendinBlue, it’s easy to create automated trigger marketing workflows. Users can develop highly effective trigger marketing strategies using a combination of filters, personalized KPIS, as well as unsubscribe lists. The scheduling feature lets you set up campaigns to go out automatically.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation gives you the opportunity to target customers based on their actions as well as their preferences. Create multi-step, multi-channel campaigns with unlimited variables in a matter of minutes. Connect with your audience at the most perfect moments and on the correct device with both email and SMS messaging. Contacts can also be automatically retargeted based on their engagement and response to your email or SMS campaigns. SMS marketing is available on a pay as you go basis. You can track visitors and engage with them once they have reached target landing pages or achieve goals on your website. You can also look at your list of contact details to create targeted campaigns based on age, location, and more.


Integrations & API

With SendinBlue, you will find an all-inclusive API. Almost all features that you can access in the web interface can be customized through the API. There are a ton of plugins such as the ever-popular WordPress, Drupal, Salesforce, PrestaShop and more. Users also have access to Wix, Eventbrite, Facebook Lead Ads, MailChimp, PayPal, Outlook, Google Analytics and many others.


SendinBlue lets you select and customize 50+ templates for emails that are easy to edit and make uniquely yours. There are a range of gorgeous templates that suit your every need. They’re easy to manipulate and make design a whole lot easier if you are not naturally artistic or don’t have a web developer on hand. Simple drag-and-drop features will help you along the way.

Your developer can also use these templates if the transactional emails are sent via SendinBlue’s API. One of your templates can be chosen as a confirmation email that gets sent to any user who signs up using any of your subscription forms.

Ease of Use

SendinBlue is really user-friendly. It’s easy to understand, and if you get lost there are instructional steps with images. The information is structured and categorized in a way that is clear and straightforward. The interface is easy on the eye, and navigating the platform is intuitive and simple.

Customer support

SendinBlue offers support via email, as well as a Help button on most pages that provides context-specific assistance. They have quite a big selection of FAQs and video tutorials organized into categories. You can also send a support ticket for technical help, call their toll-free number, or contact them via web form.

  • Email
    Users can submit requests via the website’s form or directly to their customer support team.
  • Video Tutorials
    There are a few videos for some of the basic activities you’ll want to do, such as creating your first email marketing campaign and using the drag-and-drop editor.
  • FAQ
    It’s only for API-related features and issues.
  • Blog
    Offers explanations for how to use various tools and best practices.

Final Word

SendinBlue is a great product for email marketing. Its list of extensive features not only makes sure that all your emails are delivered but makes designing your emails a breeze. It offers real-time analytic reports that will show up on your dashboard. With extensive and affordable plan and package options suiting every budget, there’s an option for every type of business. Its a user-friendly product with many useful tools and is perfect for small, medium and expanding businesses. SendinBlue is available in 6 languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese. With over 175,000 clients and 30 million emails and text messages sent daily, it’s certainly a product that you can rely on for fast and efficient email marketing.

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Darren Gordon

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Questions & Answers

Patrick McClure

When you embed photographs or graphics in the email, will they appear on the user’s machine automatically, or does the user have to click on a permission banner to download them?

Hi Patrick!
While the images should download automatically, it really depends on each user's email settings and the email client they are using. Some programs require the user to click on a permission banner, while others don't. Hope this helps!
Darren Gordon

Which companies allow you to import a list of emails that had been purchased?

Hi Rochelle,

If you have a list of email contacts, you can import them easily with different file types (.csv, .txt, .xls). You can also upload them manually.

Hope this helps!



Stephen Pino

Do you share the contacts I upload?

Hi Stephen, thank you for your question. Sendinblue does not distribute your data or information to third parties.

Can you do surveys and webinars using sendinblue?

Hi Carmen, thank you for your question. Yes, SendInBlue has integrations with a number of other business softwares, such as SurveyMonkey for questionnaires and surveys, and GoToWebinar for webinars and conferencing.
Gregory Davis

What do the “advanced statistics” include? Will this tell me if my emails are being sent to the spam box? Or will it just tell me delivered and opened?

Hi Gregory, thank you for your question. Yes, SendInBlues advanced statistics can tell when your emails are being sent to spam or junk folders, in addition to if they are simply opened or delivered.
Patrick E.

Does this system integrate with my CRM (we use Salesforce)

With SendinBlue, you will find an all-inclusive API. Almost all features that you can access in the web interface can be customized through the API. There are a ton of plugins such as the ever-popular WordPress, Drupal, Salesforce, PrestaShop and more. Users also have access to Wix, Eventbrite, Facebook Lead Ads, MailChimp, PayPal, Outlook, Google Analytics and many others.
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