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5 A+ Back to School Email Marketing Tips

Daniel Ndukwu | 16.09.19 | 0 Comments

The back to school season is unique in many ways. There’s no special holiday and it is months before the winter season, but a lot of shopping happens. Children and adults alike are preparing for the new season and school year. For businesses that take...

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How to write cold sales emails that actually work

Daniel Ndukwu | 14.08.19 | 0 Comments

You have to be proactive if you want to get in front of the right people who can buy your product and services. That’s where cold sales come in. Cold sales is the process of reaching out to contacts who’ve had no prior contact with...

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How to Increase Your Fundraising Email Success Rate

Gabriel Nwatarali | 10.07.19 | 0 Comments

Fundraising can be a difficult task, especially when there’s a deadline involved. The biggest challenges for many non-profits is timely fundraising and getting donors to donate funds multiple times. Fortunately, these challenges can be solved with a strong email list. You’ve probably heard the common...

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Proven Methods for Increasing Your Email CTR

Cedric Jackson | 13.06.19 | 0 Comments

In simple terms, your email CTR serves as a gauge to help you determine if your campaign is working or perhaps is not relevant. A high percentage shows that a lot of people click through to your website. As imagined, this enhances the opportunity to...

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Memorial Day Emails That Boost Sales

Gabriel Nwatarali | 16.05.19 | 0 Comments

The most important time of the year is upon us once again. Memorial Day is a time to remember those that have made sacrifices for our freedom and it signals the start of summertime. Naturally, marketing departments are gearing up to send Memorial Day emails...

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New vs. Returning Customers: Which Is More Valuable?

Cedric Jackson | 18.04.19 | 0 Comments

Many people believe it’s more beneficial to focus their marketing efforts on acquiring new customers. While that might be true in some cases, overall, it’s typically more favorable to hold onto returning customers. To understand why, keep reading. New vs. Existing Customers With email and...

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Free Image Websites That Actually Improve Email Performance

Cedric Jackson | 18.03.19 | 0 Comments

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” You’re probably tired of hearing that old cliché but it really is, especially when it comes to the emails you send. Images can capture people’s attention. While email marketing software such as Drip are necessities, so too are...

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Use Email Retargeting to Boost Sales

Cedric Jackson | 18.02.19 | 0 Comments

When it comes to viable SEO strategies, you want to become intimately familiar with email retargeting. When utilized correctly, retargeting emails is an excellent way to boost your sales. You should take advantage of this opportunity if your company is part of a highly competitive...

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Email Marketing for Small Business: Constant Contact vs Mailchimp

Cedric Jackson | 22.01.19 | 0 Comments

When smaller businesses compete against large corporations, implementing the right SEO strategies is critical. Although you have an abundance of options, do not believe the rumors that email marketing for small business is dead. In fact, this method of reaching your target audience is not...

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Email Marketing Trends to Expect in 2019

Gabriel Nwatarali | 09.01.19 | 0 Comments

Email marketing has served as one of the most effective channels for businesses to reach prospects, existing customers, and acquire new business for many years. In fact, it’s turning 41 on May 3. Clearly, the advent of government regulations like CAN-SPAM, CASL and GDPR didn’t...

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Every Business Needs Email Marketing Automation

Pavel Aramyan | 20.12.18 | 0 Comments

Email marketing automation allows businesses to automate routine tasks. It also allows them to focus on more notable aspects of their business while boosting customer engagement and increasing revenue. Email marketing is one of the top lead generation resources that online marketing brings to the...

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Tips for Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

Cedric Jackson | 05.12.18 | 0 Comments

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving greetings during the holiday season? When presented correctly, the messages in your holiday email marketing plan come across as personal. As a result, the targeted audience is more likely to open and read them. Instead of sending a holiday email message...

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Emails That Convert

Cedric Jackson | 04.11.18 | 0 Comments

Read on to learn how to create, implement, and execute a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday email campaign before the holidays begin. Then, use our comparison tool to see which email marketing service is best for your company. As published by CBS News, the...

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Custom Design Your Email Templates

Cedric Jackson | 14.10.18 | 0 Comments

Designing an email template for advertisements, promotions, or newsletters is a vital part of any business’s marketing campaign. The format of your marketing emails is part of the overall communication of your company’s message and branding. Customers will make judgments about your business based on...

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Creating Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Cedric Jackson | 11.09.18 | 0 Comments

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, you have multiple choices. Although most of them work well, they accomplish goals in unique ways. If you want to reach your target audience, it is essential that you use the right email marketing strategy. With the email...

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Ways To Ensure Your Emails Are Compliant

Darren Gordon | 06.08.18 | 0 Comments

According to Email Monday, for every one dollar spent on email marketing, you get a return on investment of 44$ (in the US). Add this to the viable prediction that the number of email users is expected to rise to 2.9 billion by the end...

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Marketing with Email vs. Social Media – Which Produces The Best ROI?

Darren Gordon | 09.07.18 | 0 Comments

In today’s world, the available avenues for marketing and promoting your business are numerous. In the past, all you could do was use print material and hope that your message would reach a majority of your target market. Conversely, now you can conduct effecting marketing...

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How to Structure Drip Email Campaigns

Darren Gordon | 25.06.18 | 0 Comments

As your online business grows and you start acquiring customers through different channels, your marketing campaigns also need to evolve. Underestimating your audience by exposing them to a blanket email campaign could be one of the biggest mistakes your business can make. For example, a...

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Up Your Email Marketing Game with Landing Pages

Melissa Till | 12.06.18 | 1 Comments

Every business needs a website to represent their brand online. Your website has information on your services, your brand, your team, your location, and so much more. When someone visits your site, you don’t just want them to buy your services or products, you also...

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What Is GDPR And How Will It Affect Your Business?

Wess Derryl | 13.05.18 | 0 Comments

The amount of data individuals have been sharing on the internet is increasing with every passing year. Be it our travel photos, contact data, corporate emails, or credit card information, we put it all up there, with the hope that it reaches only the intended...

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