Email Marketing Software for Beginners: Constant Contact Vs. Sendinblue

Erin Easley

Aug 31 2020

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If you are new to the world of email marketing software, you will want to explore this opportunity to create personalized and unique experiences, generate sales, and deepen your connection with customers. It can be confusing to know which company offers the best email marketing services for your specific needs. Not sure which email marketing company to choose? Keep reading to learn more.

Email Marketing Software: Why Is It Important?

In today’s world, email marketing is a crucial part of any business- no matter how big or small. Whether you run an online Etsy shop or work for a major corporation, brands today are looking for a way to speak directly to their customers.  Email marketing is a highly cost-effective digital marketing strategy- and it offers one of the highest ROIs when done right.

Having one place to control all your email marketing will help you to streamline your strategy and learn from data and results. The more you experiment and begin to understand your audience, the more effective your email marketing methods will become.

Email Marketing Software: 2 Leading Companies

Two leading email marketing software companies, Constant Contact and Sendinblue, offer highly valuable email marketing services. Through email templates and email campaigns, you can easily design and create an effective marketing strategy for your business. These two companies offer different pricing and features, so be mindful about which is right for your business.

How to Pick the Right Email Marketing Software for Your Needs

Picking the right email software will largely depend on your overall marketing strategy and budget. Most email software services come with different payment options based on the size of your company and your contact list.

Constant Contact structures its pricing based on how many email contacts you have. These range from:

  • 0-500: $20/month
  • 501-2,500: $45/month
  • 2,501-5,000: $65/month

The graded scale continues up to 35,001 to 50,000 email contacts for $335/month. Constant Contact’s pricing structure can work well if you expect your business to grow steadily over the coming years and want to take advantage of a pricing structure that offers scalability.

Sendinblue works differently than Constant Contact in terms of pricing. Sendinblue divides its pricing by types of businesses, which include:

  • Free: This option comes with unlimited contacts but no other features
  • Lite: Great for new marketers and priced at $25/month
  • Premium: With features like Facebook ads, landing pages, and up to 1 million emails per month this is a good solution for marketing pros and is priced at $65/month
  • Enterprise: For those with more advanced needs you can get multiple user access, priority support, and a custom volume of emails, though for pricing you will need to contact the company

Sendinblue’s pricing structure is based on the features each graded plan offers. Carefully read more about each plan and discern what features you need and what you do not plan to use, and you should be able to identify the right plan.

Designing Email Templates and Email Campaigns

A major piece to the email marketing puzzle is the aesthetics of your email marketing efforts. You have probably spent time developing your brand, logo, colors, and overall vibe. Your email marketing campaigns should match your brand vision and voice without taking up too much of your time designing and creating custom features.

Constant Contact offers easy-to-use email templates that allow you to simply drag and drop your content into the template. This is great for individuals just starting with email marketing and who do not have the time or resources to custom-made images designed by a specialist for their campaigns.

Sendinblue allows users to create a beautifully designed email through the usage of its template email template library. Simply add various blocks and style options that align with your business using a simple drag and drop builder.

Email Marketing: Metrics and Data

When you begin to invest time and money into email marketing, you will want to know how effective that campaign was, or how you can improve the next time you send an email or a newsletter. Metrics, data, and insights are crucial to refining and targeting your client base in a tailored and effective manner.

Constant Contact allows users to easily view stats in real-time to understand who’s opening, clicking, and sharing your emails. Based on this data, you can segment your contacts to create more targeted lists, based on the content your users click on most.

Sendinblue harnesses the power of its machine-learning powered send-time optimization to help you understand the best time of day to reach your audience. Along with A/B testing, these features help you understand your audience in a manner that you would otherwise be left in the dark about.

Constant Contact: Advantages and Disadvantages

Some overall pros and cons of ConstantContact’s email marketing software include:


  • Even non-technical users can create professional emails quickly
  • Advanced email marketing automation allows for triggered email series, contact segmentation, and resending emails to non-openers
  • Insights into how your social campaigns are performing- including social posting, inbox, scheduling, and analytics


  • The fee structure depends on the number of contacts, and this might not be the best solution for every business
  • No industry-specific email campaigns

Sendinblue: Advantages and Disadvantages

Some overall pros and cons of Sendinblue’s email marketing software include:


  • Features like landing pages, sign up forms, Facebook ads, and retargeting allows you to turn your site visitors into customers
  • Personalization features like marketing automation and segmentation help you reach your audience in a more specific and human manner
  • Connect with your customers beyond emails with SMS marketing and even chat


  • Type of support based on the plan you choose- either none, email or phone
  • If you need options for multiple logins and different user access levels, you will have to opt for a more expensive plan

Getting Started

Entering the world of email marketing is exciting- after all, you are about to reach your audience in a personalized manner like never before. Gaining access to customers and speaking directly to them is highly valuable to any type of business.

When researching email marketing software options like Sendinblue or Constant Contact, carefully consider your marketing needs. It is helpful to make a list of what you want to accomplish through email marketing and match those goals with the company offering the best tools to reach your target. Consider customer service availability as well, since you may have a lot of questions in the beginning.

Email marketing provides a way for brands to reach customers via their inbox and offers the opportunity to promote engagement, generate leads, and build relationships. In no time, you will be on your way to creating stunning campaigns and engaging with customers in a new and improved way.

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