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Cedric Jackson

Jun 13 2019

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In simple terms, your email CTR serves as a gauge to help you determine if your campaign is working or perhaps is not relevant. A high percentage shows that a lot of people click through to your website. As imagined, this enhances the opportunity to convert simple visitors into customers. Ultimately, the higher your email CTR, the better the chance of selling your product or service. For both SEO and PPC, your email clicks play a critical role.

What is a viable email click-through rate formula?

Also referred to as the email click-through rate, this formula is what you want to use to increase your email CTR. Your rate is the percentage of people who actually click on a link that you provide in email messages. Using a specific tracking code, you can determine the number of clicks associated with a particular email.

However, before you can determine your unique click-through rate, you need to decide how you want to define a click.

If you define them as clicks from an individual person, even if someone clicks on your email link 10 times, you would only count them as one. In comparison, if you define your clicks as individual clicks, each of those 10 clicks would count, giving you a total of 10. The reason this step is so important is that if you go back and forth between the two options, you’ll never have consistent numbers.

While other methods of analyzing the effectiveness of your email campaigns work well, including conversion, unsubscribe, deliverability, and open rate, you never want to overlook the value of your email CTR. This allows you to measure both the context and relevancy of an email. How? By giving you the unique click-through rate.

All you need to do, after defining your clicks, is to divide the number of unique clicks by the number of unique opens. You would then multiply that by 100, which gives you a percentage. Ultimately, you can use that percentage to see the volume of people who actually open your emails.

Automation is an excellent way to eliminate some of the work involved in sending out emails. Take Constant Contact as a perfect example. With a 97% delivery rate, this will help streamline your marketing efforts as you work to boost your rate of click-throughs.

Customizing benchmarks

When it comes to increasing the click-through rate, you’ll want to customize benchmarks according to the type of email sent. For this, you need to consider several variables. Some of these include your industry, the number of links included in the emails, the type of email, and any segmentation. Using those as your framework, you can better determine success.

For instance, for promotions, your email CTR should hit between 20 and 30 percent. However, if you’re working on a triggered campaign, the percentage should increase slightly to between 30 and 40 percent. Just as you need to define clicks, you’ll want to set a percentage perimeter for the different types of emails you send. These include promotional, triggered, informational, and transitional. With these percentages, you’ll know if you need to make changes to your marketing efforts.

Tips for increasing the click-through rate

For your email click-through, the goal is to hit the highest percentage for the benchmark you established. If the unique click-through rate falls short, it becomes vital that you make appropriate changes. Otherwise, all you’re doing is sending out emails that don’t have the effect on the targeted audience that you need and want.

Start by evaluating your campaigns on a consistent basis. Now with the email click-through rate formula understood and implemented, make sure you perform an analysis on weekly, monthly, and annual terms. Failing to do so could end up costing you a lot of time, effort, resources, and money. Unless you stay on top of the percentages, you’ll never know the success of any given campaign.

Another tip is to investigate what appears as a low email CTR. In other words, if a percentage comes back at 20 when you set the perimeter at 30, you need to find out why. Sometimes, there’s an easy fix. Especially if you’re running several campaigns at once or distracted by other business matters, it’s not hard to overlook little things that actually matter.

As an example, a low percentage of email clicks could indicate that you didn’t include enough links. Maybe you placed the links in a part of the email that potential subscribers have a difficult time finding. These are clear reasons why crafting a powerful and precise email is so important. For your email campaigns, as well as SMS marketing and even chats, take advantage of SendinBlue, a remarkable tool.

Following are additional proven methods for increasing the click-through rate.

Boost the number of subscribers

Make sure that people subscribe to receive your emails. For this, both a single and double opt-in option works quite well. The goal is to have people voluntarily provide their email address.

Remember, this is not the same as buying a list of emails. In fact, with that option, not only could you end up with bad emails but there’s a good chance those individuals will either ignore your messages or mark them as spam. A better way to go is by making it easy for people to subscribe via your website.

Intriguing subject

The message you display in the subject line of your emails will have a significant impact on how people perceive and act upon them. Experts reveal that 69 percent of people mark emails as spam simply because of the subject line. You need to use words that your target audience finds compelling and intriguing. The point is to spark their curiosity.

Use preview text the right way

Before opening an email, a significant number of people check out the preview text. Based on what they read, they either open the email, delete it, or mark it as spam. Use this to your advantage by giving people a snapshot of the email content.

Email formatting matters

Even proper formatting will make a difference in your email CTR. In particular, make all emails mobile-friendly since most people now read messages via a smartphone or tablet. The width of your email is another area to focus on. If too wide or narrow, they look sloppy and unprofessional, not to mention people find them hard to read.


Improve the content

Because most people have extremely busy schedules, they’re specific about the emails they open. You want content that encourages them to continue reading. Some of the ways you can make it more effective is by showing your target audience how your product or service can solve their problem.

Use images as they have a powerful visual impact. Then, instead of ordinary emails, make them interactive. Things like videos, GIFs, and video thumbnails grab attention.

Personalize messages

To boost your email CTR, don’t be afraid to personalize your messages. As an example, rather than send everyone on your target list the same email, segment your audience.

Personalization goes beyond using a person’s name as part of the subject line or in the content. It’s about including data that your audience wants and can put to good use. As an example, if your company provides financial services, you could include statistics that show how they can increase the email recipient’s ROI specific to their industry.

Perfect timing

When it comes to email campaigns, regardless of the type, it’s essential that you get the timing down to a fine art. To increase the number of email clicks, you want to market your product or service when the target audience has time to take action. A study found that most people open emails and click on the provided links between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and midnight.

Master the CTA

The last words you use in your emails will leave either a positive or negative impression. Therefore, you must perfect your CTA. In this case, place the CTA on the right-hand side of the email. Studies show that this position helps to increase the email CTR.

If you need professional help with making a custom designed template that helps your emails stand out, Benchmark is a powerful tool. With this, it only takes about 15 minutes to make your email campaigns more responsive.

Test, test, and test some more

Even if you think you have everything right, check, double check, and triple check virtually everything. One simple oversight could be all it takes to affect the success of the email click-through rate formula.

Final word

With the proven methods provided, you can enhance your email CTR. You should research current marketing trends so that you can stay ahead of the competition. Since trends change every year, you can’t rely on what you did in 2018. You should also look at ways that email automation can ease the burden of marketing. There’s even excellent information available on how to create a custom designed template for your emails. With all of the information combined, you have the opportunity to set your business up for fantastic success.

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